Dark Legion "Eternity of Nothing"
DeadSun Rec 2003

           About The Enmity of Heaven
        The Unblessed Bastard's Christening
         The Holy War
          Buried Alive And Condemned
          Damnated Angel *
       About The Mercy of Hell
           Asthenic Shadows of Deceased
           Pleasure In Selfdestruction
           The Kingdom of The Final Charitable

* in memory of Chuck

Dark Legion "Bloodshed"
DeadSun Rec 2001

          1. Intro / Adrenaline
          2. Perpetual Fear
          3. Show No Mercy
          4. Sins Of The Past
          5. Endure The Pain
          6. Vein
          7. Razor
          8. Haemorrhage
          9. Anticipation Of Death
          10. The Dark Light