The band has been existing under the name DARK LEGION since 1998, but its beginnigs date from the winter of 1994. It was originally formed by Jacek Denka (drums) and Marek Kalinka (guitar, vocals). At the beginning they played thrash metal, and after taking the new name the band started playing death metal. The beginnings were difficult and it is still not easy. They have problems with rehearsals and there are also many changes of members in the band. The unchanged line-up exists from the second half of 1998 when Barted Mroczkowski (guitar) and Marcin Kalinka (bass guitar) joined. In October 1998 the first 3-tracks demo was recorded in 'Manek' Studio in Sanok. In June 2000 the band entered the studio again (this time it was 'Nazir' in Sopot) and recorded PROMO '2000. Finally in September 2000 DARK LEGION signed the contract with French label 'DEAD SUN RECS.' which released both previous releases (DEMO 99 and PROMO 2000) in the first quarter of 2001. At this moment the band is working on the new material.